Great Ideas for Winter Date Activities that will Beat the Cold, Get Your Pulse Racing and Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can be tough on the dating and going out. Snuggling up to your partner and watching a movie is much more inviting than braving the cold. I would like to encourage you to be brave, put on your scarf, and take on the cold. I have some great winter date ideas. So, when the movies get old and you want to get some air, try these out.

Hot chocolate crawl – it’s like pub crawling, but more fun. Find the coffee shops and restaurants around you that serve great hot chocolate. Go on an adventure by visiting them all. Take pictures on the way and just have fun.

‘Netflix and chill’ – yes, it’s cliché, but make it interesting. Have a movie marathon of your romance favorites. Light candles, make a picnic, get some wine and cuddle up.

Cook together – if outside is too cold, stay in and cook together. Find recipes that you have always wanted to try. Cooking together is a great time for conversation.

Take a wine tour – wine, lots and lots of wine. Book a wine tour to learn a few things and enjoy a few sips of delicious wine. You will probably walk away with a bottle or two for that Netflix and chill evening.

Back to basics – go skiing or ice skating. Build a snowman together or have a snowball fight. Once you get started, you won’t even feel the cold. So, gear up and get out there.

Spa day – you will definitely not feel the cold here. Book a spa day for couples. You can be warm, relax and be spoiled from head to toe.

Get some exercise – join a dance class, yoga class or gym. Find an activity that can get you sweaty and hot to beat the cold. It’s so much more fun to do it together.

You can also try taking a dance class or winter cleaning. The best thing is to be creative and try new things. Don’t let the cold get to you. If you have tried all these and still need something to do, there is only one thing left. Stay in, close the curtains and get steamy.

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